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At the same time BBS
The current active expansion of the exhibition content, the exhibition during the establishment
China's big health industry development peak BBS
New concept health preservation and health management integration development BBB 0
China pharmaceutical industry and technology development summit
Shandong food culture and nutrition and health peak BBS
Focus on the current hot spots and key issues in the industry, combining technology and policy, in-depth research and discussion of hot spots and key issues. Through in-depth communication with industry authorities and practitioners, in-depth exploration of customer demand, combined with industry hot spots, invited well-known experts at home and abroad to share and discuss on site, fully reflects the role of the expo as a platform for academic innovation -- industry development -- product exchange.
In addition, there are more than 100 special topics BBS of enterprises during the same period of the exhibition, which enriched the exhibition content. In addition, the professional activities and theme days during the exhibition also make the exhibition rich and colorful.
All participants of DJK jinan international big health industry exhibition can participate in the conference sponsorship and naming activities (please contact the organizing committee for the program).

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