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Charge standard
Booth price list
Exhibition area planning fee (domestic) fee (foreign) light
Face is inside the country and outside the country
Standard exhibition booth: 3m×3m ¥5500 $1500 36㎡ minimum rent: ¥500/㎡ $150/㎡
Luxury booth 3m×3m ¥8500 $2000
Note: the price of double opening (corner) is ¥6000;
Advertising price list:
Cover back cross color page cover (two, three) inside color page black and white pages
28000 yuan 26000 yuan 16000 yuan 10000 yuan 8000 yuan 3000 yuan
Ticket invitation card visiting card handbag interior banner opening ceremony background plate
9000 yuan / 10,000 pieces 9800 yuan/thousand pieces 8800 yuan/thousand pieces 58,000 yuan/piece/exhibition period 98,000 yuan/exhibition period
The main entrance of the pavilion is 24mx5.4m
Exhibition billboard
18m x 3.6m large balloon strip
12x0.8m large rainbow door
Height 16x8m span visit with advertisement
158,000 yuan/exhibition period / 188,000 yuan/exhibition period 68,000 yuan/exhibition period 98,000 yuan / 20,000 yuan
BBS price list
BBS/session within 2 hours (half day) RMB 35,000 remarks :(including the following services)
1. Provide venue and related infrastructure with no more than 100 people;
2. Provide power supply, projector, audio, mike, etc.;
3. Provide venue guidance and advertising space for speaking boards;
4. Provide radio announcements and audience organizations free of charge.
BBS/session 25,000 yuan within 1.5 hours
Technical exchange: RMB 16,000 per hour
Investment promotion conference: 16000 yuan within one hour
Product promotion meeting/show within 30 minutes 9000 yuan more advertising to your full range of publicity to bring unlimited business opportunities (details please ask the organizing committee).
A great opportunity for co-organizers
1. Enterprises enjoy the synchronous effect of comprehensive publicity with the exhibition.
1. Enjoy the cognitive effect of professional visitors directly organized by the exhibition.
2. Obtain benefits from comprehensive and in-depth communication of TCM health industry with minimum input.
Please contact the organizing committee for the sponsorship plan and return policy.

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