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 The exhibition process

1. Please read the "invitation letter for exhibitors" carefully, fill in the "application form for exhibition" according to the prescribed format and send or fax it together with the valid copy or scanned copy of the "business license" to the organizing committee (or post it to the organizing committee after collecting and sending it to the organizing committee).
2. After receiving the copy of the application form and business license, the organizing committee will conduct the qualification examination. Written qualification confirmation will be given to those qualified for the exhibition.
3. The exhibitor shall remit the booth fee in full to the account designated by the organizing committee within 3 working days after receiving the stamped application form, and fax the remittance slip to the organizing committee. At the same time according to the requirements of the enterprise or product profile, send to the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee.
4. After receiving the booth fee paid by the exhibitors, the organizing committee shall arrange the booth according to the professional exhibition area according to the payment sequence and exhibition categories, and send the exhibition materials such as booth confirmation letter and exhibition guide to the exhibitors.
5. The exhibitor shall carry out the transportation and customs declaration of exhibits in accordance with the exhibition guide. And according to the stipulated time and place, report to the reception of the organizing committee with the copy of "booth confirmation" and remittance slip, and get the "exhibitor certificate" to enter the exhibition hall.

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