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Exhibits range
Health care/special medical food: health care food of various dosage forms with 27 great effects stipulated by the state, tonic, nutrition, dietary supplement, etc. For diabetes, respiratory disease, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, food protein allergies, intractable epilepsy, gastrointestinal malabsorption syndrome, acute pancreatitis and fatty acid metabolism, muscle attenuation total nutrient formula, trauma, infection, surgery and other stress full nutrition food, fat and fat reducing operation full nutritional formula, peptides, enzymes, etc.; Organic food, sports nutrition, vitamins, protein powder series, lecithin, cod liver oil, grape seed capsules, spirulina, etc.
Medicine: new specialty medicine, Chinese and western proprietary medicine, prescription medicine, OTC, biopharmaceutical, ethnic medicine, raw material medicine, etc.
Tonic category: ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps sinensis, ginseng, bird's nest, iron box maple dou, dendrobium, donejiao, guiging paste, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese health soup, month fruit tonic, Chinese traditional oral liquid, health care tea, health wine, packaging boxes, gift boxes, leather boxes, printing labels, etc.
Traditional Chinese medicine: traditional Chinese medicine yinpian, authentic herbs, proprietary Chinese medicine, TCM diagnosis and treatment, TCM instruments, TCM museum, TCM moxibustion, animal and plant extracts, TCM yinpian processing technology, Chinese medicinal materials planting base;
Health management/precision medicine: gene testing, gene preservation, cell medicine, health assessment, assisted reproductive technology, chronic disease prevention, disease prevention, trace element detection, health rehabilitation institutions, sub-health conditioning, blood pressure monitoring, thermometer, blood glucose meter, mental health services, pain treatment; Accurate diagnosis and treatment, medical devices, services, treatments and medicines; Private customized medical and health insurance; Traditional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine health;
Infant/elderly: infant formula milk powder (formula cow milk powder, sheep milk powder, etc.), infant formula auxiliary food, infant water, etc. Pension supplies and services, nutrition rehabilitation, medical and nursing complex, hearing and speech AIDS, mobility AIDS, etc.;
Health green food: organic agricultural products, organic rice, organic tea, organic edible oil, organic meat, whole grains, green food, special food, fine food, mineral water, herbal tea, fruit wine, wine, functional drinks, ecological food, etc.
Health sports categories: home fitness equipment, equipment, landscape and swimming pool equipment, fitness equipment accessories, club form a complete set of equipment and facilities, fitness shoes clothes and accessories, VR fitness and intelligent apparel products, school sports equipment, health and fitness consulting, yoga supplies, indoor sports leisure products, sports and fitness facilities and build, massage appliances and accessories, sports scientific research, sports medical equipment, etc.;
Functions: drugstore, functional beauty products, special chemical products, xiaosha word, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, breast enhancement fitness, slimming, medicated acne removing, bask in detoxification, whitening and moisturizing functions such as cosmetics, oral care, eye, armor, prevent hair loss products, functional shampoo, hair dye, personal care products, etc.;
Health care products and household health class: home health care equipment, home health care self detection equipment, intelligent household products, home medical rehabilitation equipment, sphygmomanometer, electronic thermometer, glucose meter, functional glasses, eyesight protection products of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), household appliances, health care products, massage fumigation, family therapy equipment, household disinfection purification products, air purification products, water treatment and water purification products, wading products, etc.;
Functional textile categories: far-infrared/magnetic/antibacterial textiles, anti-virus/moth-proof/wrinkle resistant clothing, health care shoes and clothes/bedding, anti-ultraviolet/electromagnetic radiation clothing, magnetic therapy/infrared physical therapy health mattress, sleep products;
Smart health: "Internet +", APP, big data application system, Internet Internet of things new technology and platform, hardware and software, etc.
Big health industry parks and bases: big health industry and industrial park bases of local governments, planning, displaying, promoting and attracting investment activities;

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