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China vending machine market has a bright future and is expe
Author:admin  Release time:2018-10-16 21:40

With the maturity of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other unmanned technologies, the concept of unmanned retail has set off a wave of upsurge, a large number of capital and enterprises flocked to. As one of the important formats, vending machine is expected to usher in a new round of outbreak. According to statistics, by 2022, the total number of vending machines in China will be close to 1.5 million, nearly eight times higher than in 2016, and the development potential can not be underestimated.
Development status of vending machines
In 1925, the United States developed a vending machine for cigarettes. Since then, various modern vending machines for stamps and tickets have appeared. The types, structures and functions of modern vending machines vary according to the items sold, mainly food, cigarettes, beauty and other vending machines.
However, vending machines, as a common way and carrier of mass consumption in foreign cities, have not been widely recognized by consumers and consumers since they entered the Chinese market a few years ago, and have caused considerable economic losses to investors because of the serious damage to some equipment. The vending machines on the Chinese market are not only small in quantity, but also very single in variety. They are mainly bottled beverage vending machines. The technical quality has not yet completely passed the customs, the production and operation costs are high, and the profits are not high.
At present, China has about 190,000 vending machines, a negligible number compared with the 1.3 billion-strong population. In Japan, the average person owns a vending machine for every 25 people, the United States for every 50 to 60 people, and Europe for every 50 to 120 people. Many large and medium-sized cities in China have become emerging markets for vending machines, and the future potential and development direction will be increasingly concerned by the manufacturers concerned. According to the fact that every 500 people own a vending machine, there are millions of market gaps in China.
Bottleneck of vending machine development
The development of China's self-service industry is relatively slow, for many reasons. Among them, the biggest obstacle is that Chinese consumers have doubts about the reliability and ease of operation of vending machines. In addition, vending machines sell a relatively single commodity, the price is generally higher than supermarkets, convenience stores of the same commodities, machines can only receive coins and small notes, but also affect the choice of consumers.
Besides, the standardized management of vending machine industry is facing great challenges. It is understood that in September 2017, consumer complaints showed that the registered consumer complaints information reached 91181, for consumers to recover the economic loss of 5.642 million yuan. The normalization of complaints on vending machines means that the vending machine industry needs to be standardized
Vending machine development prospects
With the increase of income level, people's pursuit of flexible, convenient, fast and self-service is the main reason for the rapid development of vending machines. With the continuous expansion of opening to the outside world, the traditional retail industry has developed into a situation in which department stores, supermarket chains, TV direct selling, factory direct selling and other ways coexist, greatly facilitating people's lives. At the same time, vending machine has many advantages, such as high technology, new sales methods, great market potential, real prices of commodities, and so on, which determines its broad development prospects. Moreover, it is linked to new consumption patterns such as electronic shopping, and can create huge business opportunities.
According to foreign development experience, China's inland vending machine application market should start with at least 100,000 sets of cloth machines, with an annual gross domestic product of 1 billion yuan, at least 500,000 sets of cloth machines in the development period, with an annual gross domestic product of 10 billion yuan and 3 million sets in the mature period, with an annual gross domestic product of 60 billion yuan. China's vending machines will develop into a huge industry, China's vending machine industry will achieve rapid growth, preliminary estimates of the annual sales of vending machines will reach 100,000 to 200,000 units, annual output value growth of 2-4 billion yuan, is expected to 2022, China's self-service machine to exceed 1.5 million units.
Vending machine industry exhibition and communication platform
It is reported that the 2008 Beijing International New Retail and Unmanned Sales Exhibition/Beijing International Vending Machines and Self-service Products Exhibition (NRVS 2018), co-sponsored by China Business Federation Intelligent Business Branch, Beijing Chain Management Association and Beijing Henghui International Exhibition Co., Ltd., will be held from June 21 to June 18. The 23 day is held at Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Jingan Zhuang Pavilion). During the same period, a series of activities will be held, such as "China Intelligent Retail Industry Development Forum, Self-service Terminal Forum, Award Grand Ceremony, Thank You Banquet".

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