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Cloud printing smart vending machine vending machine is ever
Author:admin  Release time:2018-10-16 21:39

Vending machines (smart vending machines) are sold unattended for 24 hours. Places such as schools, Internet cafes, libraries, offices, government departments, enterprises and institutions, foreign affairs windows, television stations, newspapers, banks, game rooms, apartments, hotels, bars, KTV, hotels, fast food stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, stations, airports, gymnasiums, and sports centres can all become automatic. The gold place for vending machines. The love of consumers will become the power source for vending machines to become popular quickly.
Operating vending machines in China is a new industry, huge demand, blank market, bring us endless business opportunities. The emergence of vending machines in China will surely lead to a revolution in vending machines and equipment.
Vending machines (vending machines) gradually entered China in 1999 and began to enter the Chinese market. Nowadays, vending machines (vending machines) are often seen in airports, subways, shopping malls, parks and other places with large passenger flow. In 2015, China had about 55000 vending machines, a negligible number compared with the country with a population of more than 1.3 billion.
The prediction made by the China Vending Machine Professional Committee on the application market of vending machines (vending machines) in the Mainland of China is that at least 100,000 vending machines (vending machines) should be installed during the start-up period, with an annual gross output of 1 billion RMB, at least 500,000 vending machines should be installed during the development period, with an annual output value of 10 billion RMB, and at the maturity stage of 30 billion RMB. With 10,000 vending machines, the annual gross domestic product will reach 60 billion yuan. By then, China's vending machines will become a huge industry.

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