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Exhibition introduction:
1. Original intention of exhibition
The report to the 19th national congress of the communist party of China explicitly put forward the "healthy China strategy" as a basic strategy for national development. With the acceleration of population aging in our country and people's pursuit for a better life, the health industry breeds super 10 trillion market, has become the most development potential of the industry, in order to further promote the implementation of the strategy for the health of China to build big global health display and interaction platform, aggregate global quality factors of industry resources, promote the industry chain upstream and downstream depth fusion, promote sustainable development of the large health career, meet the demand of the people's growing health life, DJK 2020 China (jinan) international big health industry expo was held in China · jinan international convention and exhibition center from May 29 to May 31, 2020.
2. Exhibition vision
CHINA jinan international great health industry expo (china-djk) is a platform to contribute to the development of the great cause of "healthy CHINA", aiming to rapidly integrate cutting-edge technologies, products and services of domestic and foreign health companies, and make contributions to the development of CHINA's health cause. The original purpose of the exhibition is to promote healthy lifestyle, so that people can get rid of sub-health, disease and mental health problems. To promote the national health awareness, promote a positive life state, develop healthy habits, let people away from disease, health change life.
3. Exhibition background
One person's health is the foundation of health, people's health is the foundation of a country. In July 2019, the state council issued the state council's opinions on implementing healthy China action, and the national health China action (2019-2030) was issued to further promote the construction of a healthy China. The medium-to-long-term action will focus on major health problems and influencing factors, and focus on disease prevention and health promotion. Fifteen major special actions will be carried out to ensure that people do not get sick and get sick less often. The next decade will be an important period of strategic opportunity for China to build a healthy country. The publication of the opinion marks another golden period for the "big health" industry.
Ii. Exhibition advantages
1. Terrain advantage
Jinan, the capital of shandong province, is a central city in the southern flank of bohai sea, also known as "quancheng". The important intersection of bohai rim economic zone and beijing-shanghai economic axis; High health awareness, strong consumption ability; Occupy the incomparable advantages of other cities. The great health industry event held in jinan radiated from north China to the whole country.
2. Set up the audience organization department
Our company has set up the professional audience organization department, and has built the big health industry buyer data center. According to the exhibits of exhibitors and expected buyers, accurately match potential buyers to achieve targeted invitation of buyers to visit. Effectively improve the site turnover, so that exhibitors exhibition income expansion.
3. New exhibition mode
The world's first procurement enterprises set up booth expo; We will invite local health and health development offices, large chain marketing enterprises and industry e-commerce companies to connect with each other on site. Meanwhile, a number of health development BBS and trade docking activities were carried out to organically combine exhibition and sales, consolidate the existing market, expand product sales network, enhance brand market competitiveness, interpret the national health development policy, and enhance the national health awareness. The world's first procurement enterprises set up booth expo
4. Exhibition scale
450 exhibitors with 20000㎡ 35000+ professional visitors at home and abroad
5. Vigorous publicity and promotion:
The conference invested nearly one million yuan and established good cooperative relations with thousands of media from more than 60 countries and regions. With shandong as the center, it aims at the national health consumption market, disseminates the concept of holding exhibitions, and deeply publicizes exhibitors' products and brands. Expand the visibility and influence of the conference at the same time, but also for each exhibitors to do full exhibition before the exhibition after the exhibition of value-added publicity services.
Network propaganda: baidu, tencent news, xinhua health, People's Daily, China, sina, sohu, the Chinese older industry network, a bit of information, the people's health network, China JingJiWang, China's medical insurance network, phoenix TV, China travel net, netease news, China education network, China insurance network, national pension net, universal health network, China health network at home and abroad, such as health China thousands of network media;
Video TV: CCTV, shandong TV, youku, iQIYI, tencent video, sohu video, etc.
Radio stations: shandong traffic radio station, jinan traffic radio station, and several municipal traffic radio stations under the jurisdiction of shandong;
Newspapers and magazines: People's Daily, the People's Daily overseas edition, guangming daily, economic daily, China Daily, legal daily, China youth daily, China social news, the Beijing news, workers' daily, Beijing daily, good times, charity, shandong LaoNianBao, health, Beijing evening news, China youth daily, qilu community newspaper, life times, qilu evening news, benefits the Chinese magazine, journal of social welfare, the journal of the Chinese people, the journal of family health, everybody health magazine, d raise environmental design magazine, etc.;
Mobile media: bus bodies, bus stops, taxi electronic rolling plates, mobile media vehicles, which leverage the city's more than 3,000 taxis, 200 bus routes through the exhibition hall, and more than 10 mobile media vehicles in surrounding urban areas and counties, etc. to spread in a blanket way;
Printed matter: 600,000 tickets, 50,000 invitations, 15,000 VIP invitations, etc., to be distributed by mail, express delivery, and visiting;
We media: toutiao, baijia, gong, sohu, douyin, kuaishou, etc.
Group platform: SMS group, email group, WeChat group, etc.
Offline visits: the organizing committee has an independent field department to visit health institutions, medical care communities/apartments, municipal and county civil affairs units, public welfare organizations, industry associations and other departments to distribute invitations, and to distribute tickets in relevant wholesale markets, large supermarkets, health product counters and direct-sale stores.
Iii. Big health industry advantages
1. Resource advantage
Faced with China's rapid entry into the "middle-aged and elderly age", more middle-aged and elderly people are facing serious health problems, which is the current situation of China's population and the resource advantage of the development of big health industry projects. With such a large audience group, the implementation of such industry projects will be relatively easy. In addition, some positions with innate advantages in China also provide natural resources for such projects to facilitate users to carry out in-depth projects.
2. National policy advantages
As people living standard rising steadily, the country began to focus on the development of health sector, especially as the mainstream crowd of elderly people are facing a serious of various "sub-health or slow disease", the government of the relevant departments also began to actively support big health industry project, for a lot of cross-border business users, government agencies to give the support policy of force is very big also, the purpose is to rely on all kinds of large private health industry programs to improve the quality of people's life.
3. Industrial base advantages
As a large population country, the country has long suggested that people can reduce physical diseases through self-adjustment, so the great health industry project has a good industrial foundation and more people's recognition. In addition, there are many such ancient books and periodicals left in the past, and there are more active ways to deal with patients' great health than in other countries. Therefore, users who carry out great health industry projects in China have more opportunities to choose subsectors.
Iv. Great health concept
Great health is an overall concept proposed according to the development of The Times, social needs and changes in disease spectrum. It focuses on people's basic necessities of life and their health, old age, illness and death, pays attention to all kinds of risk factors and misunderstandings affecting health, advocates self-health management, and puts forward under the guidance of the concept of comprehensive care of the whole life process. It pursues not only individual physical health, but also spiritual, psychological, physiological, social, environmental, moral and other aspects of complete health. What advocate not only have scientific healthy life, more have correct healthy consumption to wait. It covers a wide range of health-related information, products and services, as well as the actions organizations take to meet the health needs of society
Strategic cooperation /DJK jinan great health expo named unit
Named unit recruit, through named DJK jinan health fairs, depth have synchronous propaganda and operation, integration enterprise concept and brand in jinan big health exhibition, and in the course of the entire project supporting media publicity and promotion, the participation of other channels of publicity, face to face with customers, increase sales opportunities, please contact the organizing committee to obtain detailed regulations.

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