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Why participation
1, efficient return on investment, I wish you to expand business
Booking booth 2020 of DJK jinan international big health industry expo will bring you a lot of opportunities for sales, promotion and communication. Get to know high-quality buyers with the right to make purchasing decisions, establish brand image in the asia-pacific region, promote and display brand new products on the best platform, display products on the unified platform, and communicate with important customers face to face.
2. Display the latest products/services
Display image among peers and customers, enhance industry status, brand value, popularity and reputation. Attract new buyers. According to the research, about 80% of the visitors were not promoted by the exhibitors in the 12 months before the exhibition opened. Some exhibitions will invite foreign buyers and exhibitors to attend, which will help open up the international market and give more choices.
3. Market strategy
Understand market information, expand sales channels, obtain market orders, maintain sales network. Save money. Exhibitors will have face-to-face communication with customers, which can save 30% of the cost. Including the salary of sales representatives, transportation costs and entertainment costs, including booth design and construction, exhibits freight and travel expenses of exhibitors, which is cheaper than direct sales.
4. Build channels
Establish import, wholesale, distribution, group purchase, retail sales channels. Save time. The exhibition accelerates the whole sales process and makes it easier to win the trust of customers. In order to successfully sell, the number of visits to traditional sales is about 3.7, and the number of visits to the exhibition is only 1.3, and the number of return visits without any exhibition is up to 48% of the total.
5. Improve product market visibility
At the same time, nearly a hundred professional and mass media attention and tracking propaganda, help you improve the brand value of your products. Goals related to sales are easier to measure. Sales can be quantified, and the specific number of potential customers and order quantity can be easily obtained, all of which can help exhibitors understand their goals and formulate their future goals.
6. Obtain valuable sales opportunities
The 10 year buyer purchasing database helps you unlock the treasures of the global marketplace, earning money while earning reputation and attracting buyers. Statistics show that about 70% of the people attending the exhibition plan to buy one or more products, 75% of them will definitely buy one or more products, and 14 out of 15 people say that the exhibition they visit influences their purchasing decisions. Although some visitors treat the visit as entertainment, on average, the exhibition can influence the purchasing decisions of 83% of the visitors, who have the right to decide the purchase, what to purchase or recommend to the purchasing department.

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