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The propaganda
The conference invested nearly one million yuan and established good cooperative relations with thousands of media from more than 60 countries and regions. With shandong as the center, it aims at the national health consumption market, disseminates the concept of holding exhibitions, and deeply publicizes exhibitors' products and brands. Expand the visibility and influence of the conference at the same time, but also for each exhibitors to do full exhibition before the exhibition after the exhibition of value-added publicity services.
1, network communications, baidu, tencent news, xinhua health, People's Daily, China, sina, sohu, the Chinese older industry network, a bit of information, the people's health network, China JingJiWang, China's medical insurance network, phoenix TV, China travel net, netease news, China education network, China insurance network, national pension net, universal health network, China health network at home and abroad, such as health China thousands of network media;
2. Video TV: CCTV, shandong TV, youku, iQIYI, tencent video, sohu video, etc.;
3. Radio stations: shandong traffic radio station, jinan traffic radio station, and several municipal traffic radio stations under the jurisdiction of shandong;
4, newspapers and magazines: People's Daily, the People's Daily overseas edition, guangming daily, economic daily, China Daily, legal daily, China youth daily, China social news, the Beijing news, workers' daily, Beijing daily, good times, charity, shandong LaoNianBao, health, Beijing evening news, China youth daily, qilu community newspaper, life times, qilu evening news, benefits the Chinese magazine, journal of social welfare, the journal of the Chinese people, the journal of family health, everybody health magazine, d raise environmental design magazine, etc.;
5. Mobile media: bus bodies, bus stops, taxi electronic rolling plates and mobile media vehicles, which are used by the city to promote more than 3,000 taxis, 200 buses passing through the exhibition hall, and more than 10 mobile media vehicles in surrounding urban areas and counties.
6. Printed matter: 600,000 tickets, 50,000 invitations, 15,000 VIP invitations, etc., to be distributed by mail, express delivery, and visiting;
7. We media: toutiao, baijia, gonggong, sohu, douyin, kuaishou, etc.;
8. Group sending platform: SMS group sending, email group sending, WeChat group, etc.
9. Offline visits: the organizing committee has an independent field department to visit health institutions, medical care communities/apartments, municipal and county civil affairs units, public welfare organizations, industry associations and other departments to distribute invitations, and to distribute tickets in relevant wholesale markets, large supermarkets, health product counters and direct-sale stores;

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