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Key invitation:
Audience invitation
1. Investment promotion department of self-owned resource company
Invite in the following ways
1 television; 2 newspapers; 3. Association notice; 4. Trade magazines; 5 industry websites; 6. Promotion of exhibitions in the same industry; 7. Huge advertisements in the industry market; 8. Bus and subway advertisements; Network terminal; 9. 10 telephone invitation; 11 invitation by mail or letter; 12 key buyers visit.
Invitation CARDS will be distributed by health institutions, medical care communities/apartments, municipal and county civil affairs units, public welfare organizations, trade associations and other departments, as well as relevant wholesale markets, large supermarkets, health product counters and direct-sale stores
Source of audience
· health institutions, medical cosmetology/cosmeceuticals, civil affairs procurement, daily chemical monopoly, nursing home/community, infant food monopoly, health center, etc.
· product distributors, agents, distributors, technology application business, family procurement, chain franchising, public welfare organizations/organizations, industry associations, etc.
● hospitals/medical institutions, hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacies/chain pharmacies, private medical treatment, enterprises and institutions, monopoly/management counters, hotels/accommodation.
Network e-commerce, chain supermarket, comprehensive product wholesale market, China buyers, importers and exporters, industry technicians and followers.
3. Database of professional audience
The data of health industry products/manufacturers/health institutions/dealers/supermarkets, which has been devoted to building for many years, has collected 273,000. A large effective database is used to form an effective exhibition structure: pre-exhibition matching - in-exhibition interview - post-exhibition transaction; Build a 2020 effective communication platform for businesses/institutions!


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