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The bright spot
1. Rich categories, creating a super cost-effective procurement platform
This exhibition will display intelligent health and informatization, nourishing health and diet health, health management and slow disease rehabilitation, diagnosis and treatment with eyes eyecare products, products and technology of Chinese medicine, such as many kind of exhibits, show deep big health industry and committed to the integration of all resources, activate market, for the production enterprises and purchasers, dealers to build sourcing direct, convenient, high cost-effective one-stop trade big health industry trade platform.
2. Rich exhibition contents
This year actively expanded the exhibition contents, for example, BBS was established during the exhibition, which focused on the current hot spots and key issues in the industry, combined technology with policies, and conducted in-depth research and discussion on hot spots and key issues. In addition, there are more than 100 special topics BBS of enterprises during the same period of the exhibition, which enriched the exhibition content. In addition, the professional activities and theme days during the exhibition also make the exhibition rich and colorful.
3. New exhibition mode:
The world's first fair to set up booths for purchasing enterprises; We will invite local health and health development offices, large chain marketing enterprises and industry e-commerce companies to connect with each other on site. Meanwhile, a number of health development BBS and trade docking activities were carried out to organically combine exhibition and sales, consolidate the existing market, expand product sales network, enhance brand market competitiveness, interpret the national health development policy, and enhance the national health awareness.
4. Professional procurement
DJK 2020 China (jinan) international big health industry expo has set up a professional audience organization department, and has built its own big health industry buyer data center. According to the exhibits and expectations of exhibitors to meet buyers, accurate matching of potential buyers, to achieve targeted to invite buyers to visit. Effectively improve the site turnover, so that exhibitors exhibition income expansion.
Exhibition title and sponsorship:
All enterprises participating in DJK2020 China (jinan) international big health industry expo can participate in the conference sponsorship and naming activities (please contact the organizing committee for the program)

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