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About us
1. Company introduction
Shandong flying shark international exhibition co., LTD. (for short: flying shark exhibition) - "advocating cooperation, practicing integrity"; Flying shark exhibition - is a good faith - based, professional exhibition planning, organizers, in the industry with a high reputation for integrity. Flying shark exhibition - with branches in shandong, guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, xi 'an and urumqi, it is mainly engaged in food and beverage, electronic technology, aging industry and service industry. It is an exhibition organization with relative comprehensive strength in the industry. And with 17 foreign exhibition institutions to establish a good relationship!
2. Company team
In order to build a strong team in the industry, flying shark exhibition brings together the elites in the exhibition industry, all of whom have the experience and experience in the first and second tier cities for many times, and have excellent business cooperation ability, and are rising stars in the exhibition industry. The excellent corporate culture company team has three excellent characteristics: 1. Excellent exhibition service quality; 2. Excellent business communication ability; 3. Only to create internationally renowned exhibition.
3. Exhibition background
One person's health is the foundation of health, people's health is the foundation of a country. In July 2019, the state council issued the state council's opinions on implementing healthy China action, and the national health China action (2019-2030) was issued to further promote the construction of a healthy China. The medium-to-long-term action will focus on major health problems and influencing factors, and focus on disease prevention and health promotion. Fifteen major special actions will be carried out to ensure that people do not get sick and get sick less often. The next decade will be an important period of strategic opportunity for China to build a healthy country. The publication of the opinion marks another golden period for the "big health" industry.
DJK jinan international great health industry expo is a platform to contribute to the development of the great cause of "healthy China", aiming to rapidly integrate the cutting-edge science and technology, products and services in the field of health at home and abroad, and make contributions to the development of China's health cause. The original purpose of the exhibition is to promote healthy lifestyle, so that people can get rid of sub-health, disease and mental health problems. To promote the national health awareness, promote a positive life state, develop healthy habits, let people away from disease, health change life.

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